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Now we have also launched some extra support services for you who today have a website with us or earlier. You may need our help for example. simple updates, create new pages, services, help with image editing, translation, maintenance, security and customer support.

Once you have started your WordPress website, you will need to keep it updated and safe for future versions – this requires maintenance & operation. All websites must be updated with future security measures. Maintaining your WordPress website will require both updating the theme and all installed plugins need to be updated regularly for maximum functionality and security.

An update of a WordPress website must be done in a safe way, for example it should not be done directly on a website that is live. Maintaining a WordPress installation requires that it be done in a secure test environment to review any conflicts that may occur during major changes on the platform.
Please book expert help here to avoid making mistakes or that your entire website stops working.


Incremental, reliable, comes with on-site storage space and can be run on an hourly cycle.

Uptime Monitor

Get notified when your site goes down, so you can get it back online before anyone else notice.

Update Safe

Secure updates automatically create a setup site for you, making the update safer than ever.

Sucuri SiteCheck

Make sure your sites are clean. If any files become infected, you will be able to detect it in time.

Performance Monitoring

Have an insight into what happens to your site and how it works.

Plugins & Themes

We make sure that the website is updated with both the latest theme and plugin and creates our own backups.

SEO/Google Analytics

All Google Accounts that you need to connect to Google Analytics on a dashboard. We keep track of all results. All pages are also prepared with SEO (titles, descriptions, keywords)

Status Reports

Get regular status reports on how your website is doing, updates that have been made, attacks that have been prevented, etc.

Security Check

Security Check gives you real-time information about which plugins are vulnerable so that we can act and make your site more secure.


We market on Facebook and Instagram as well as on your blog and spread the articles online. We can also help you with your payment ads on Facebook.

Google AdWords

We can handle Google AdWords with you. We have a look at how they are spread, which keywords should be used best and with statistics can see how they found you, and which browser they use mobile, tablet or computer.


In the Monthly Support Package 4, there is a landing page that we manage and own, although the content is yours. It is about driving traffic to your main page with our articles.

Image Editing

We edit, release images from backgrounds. We optimize the image so that it has the smallest pixel marginal to make the website less heavy. Many upload images is 1-3mb, but these should not be more than 100kb max and even retain their high resolution.

Create new pages

For those of you who have a website with regular updates with new pages, pictures, texts and other relevant information to be submitted each month.

Domain name

We buy a domain that is also owned by Media Prosperity. It will be at our web hotel. The domain will be used for the landing page.

WordPress Maintenance & Operation Package

With our maintenance package we offer updates of WordPress CMS, update of plugins (in a safe test environment), backup of the website and support (mail / phone / chat).
Backup of the website is taken daily (1 times / hour) and stored for 30 days.

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Don’t you have time to  maintain your WordPress website?

All systems need to be updated regularly to keep safe and reduce the risk of security holes. Of course, this also applies to WordPress websites. To keep the website safe from hackers, you must keep both the publishing system, the theme and all the plugins updated. New updates are constantly coming and it is important to test these in a safe environment.

Do you have no time, desire or resources to maintain your site? No problem, let’s do it for you! We offer a WordPress Maintenance and Drift package for individuals and companies where we fix everything, so that you can prioritize what is important to you instead.

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