Take your business one step closer to 1 place on google with just your keyword. Now you have the chance with our landingpages to increase your sales and get more traffic to your website and thereby bring up your keyword = better visibility

Whatever it is a shop, business presentation or blog, we can make sure that traffic will increase with you. With increased traffic, sales of your services and products will also increase. You will receive information continuously once a month on the first week of the previous month’s statistics. We give you full information about the number of visits, how they have found you, which keywords are used and more.


We buy the domain to be used and own it, we put the landing page on our hosting, and use images and texts from your website which we then rewrite to not disturb your keyword optimization.


After a month you will get information about how it has gone, already after a week you will see the difference with you. The landing page will be the first place on google within 1 week and drive traffic to your website.


We contact you and ask you what you want to offer to your visitors. Then the same process proceeds every two months. 2nd year if you want to continue and run leeds to the website, we extend the agreement on the landing page.

What do you get from us?
  • We build together 1-4 landing pages for you
  • We buy and own the domain used
  • We stand for the web host
  • We write the text in 500 words to be replaced every two months
  • We use picture from your website (can be a service or product)
  • We bring the visitors to your own website
  • Free marketing
  • We market the landing page on our channels
  • We optimize the website with SEO (keyword optimization)
  • We take you directly to the first place on Google
Benefits for the company
  • Increased traffic on the website
  • Increased sales
  • Your service / product will be seen more clearly